Homeold – Intergalactic Speakeasy Club Purple Hazzze
Our only motto - is FFF,
it stands for

Freaks, Fun
& Fetish!

And you'll get exactly that!

At a time when borders are again being drawn around and restrictions are being established, we believe that there should be no prohibitions on communication and the realisation of our most secret desires!

Purple Hazzze is a versatile and unpredictable VR club where anyone can find entertainment and communication based on own interests, without embarrassment of any sort or fear of condemnation. Open your mind and let the future happen!

Purple Hazzze is a place where you’ll meet exquisite representatives of the most remote and unbelievable galaxies.

Using any VR HMD you can access Purple Hazzze from anywhere in the galaxy. It's your portal to virtual reality, full of unexplored sensations.