Intergalactic Speakeasy Club Purple Hazzze – Freaks, Fun & Fetish unite here!
Our only motto - is FFF,
it stands for

Freaks, Fun
& Fetish!

And you'll get exactly that!

At a time when borders are again being drawn around and restrictions are being established, we believe that there should be no prohibitions on communication and realization of our desires! This is why we created the safest place in the Universe that is unreachable by any threats!

Speakeasy club Purple Hazzze is a multiplayer role-playing simulator with social mechanics and mini-games and a platform for interactive media with live performances of any sort!

You are one of the Earthlings that been granted access to this mystic cluster hidden away from prying eyes deeply in the Universe.

Our acquaintance begins with the first hall, where you can enjoy the pleasant company and performances of our residents, play and communicate with other guests!

You’ll meet exquisite representatives of the remote galaxies and experience superlunary performances and addictive activities!

Using any VR HMD or PC you can access Purple Hazzze from anywhere in the Universe!













    11. What VR HMDs are supported?
    - Oculus Rift/ RiftS
    - Oculus Quest 1 & 2
    - HTC Vive/ Vive Pro
    - Valve Index
    - WMR
    22. Will it be available on PC or mobile?
    Yes, the tech demo for PC & VR is already available on our Patreon page. While the mobile satellite app will be available after the game release.
    33. Can I play it with the friends?
    Yes, the multiplayer version is under development and will be released later in 2021.
    44. Can I customise my avatar?
    Yes, it will be fully customisable and you'll be able to import your own avatar meeting our guides and requirements.
    55. Can I create my own 3d models and assets and import them?
    Yes, you will be able to create custom 3d models and assets, import them, interchange with others players, sell and buy. UGC is one of our main features, actually!)